Wednesday, October 13, 2010

animal poem for WWP

In answer to your question:
I can, in fact bwaawk like a hen.

( conversationally ) Bwaaawk, bwaaawk, bwaaawk.

( with excitement ) BWaaaawk!

( self-satisfied, or petulant, oddly the same )Bwawk.

and ( because there are always such moments ) Bwaawk?

It's a skill; it's a talent; it's an art.

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Mary said...

Oh, this is great fun!!


Derrick said...

That is a rare talent!

Diane T said...

And I can SQUAWK! Gotta try your bwaawk, LOL. Clever and fun poem!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun I'm having today - every poem a gem.

Anonymous said...

Bwaawk, bwaawk, BWaawk, Bwaawk, bwaawk?! Now that felt really really good. Thanks so much for the fun and the giggle, which made the last bwaawk very difficult in deed!


Anonymous said...

Oh, excellent! Loved your lighthearted look at hen talk.